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Arteria helps brands distribute product samples to highly targeted consumers through our intelligent distribution network.

Adds. Not Ads.



CPG, Digital Products, Service Providers

  • Create contextually relevant experiences
  • Reach your highly-targeted audience
  • Arteria Campaign Managers help develop custom campaigns & report on results
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eCommerce, Subscription Services, and More!

  • Surprise & delight customers
  • Enhance your Customer Experience
  • Generate meaningful revenue
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Arteria helps brands such as

The Future of Product Sampling

Sampling is the greatest vote of confidence any brand can give its products.

Targeted, custom campaigns with measurable results
Create Contextually Relevant Experiences
of consumers express buying interest after trying a product
Well-targeted sampling programs can see over
30% conversion
Nothing is more effective than "try before you buy"
Be authentic and stand behind your product.

360° Sampling, from distribution to gathering feedback and ROI

Brands match with retailers who reach their desired target audience.
Sharp targeting and campaign setup drives ROI, while Arteria collects recipient feedback about their experience.
Products are placed in the appropriate ecommerce deliveries.
Arteria ensures the campaign launches as agreed.

Benefits for Brands



  • Who do you want to reach?
  • We can help you.
  • Tell us your targeted persona(s), and we'll bring them to you.
  • Geo, gender, age, or whatever, we enable brands to reach their intended audience.


  • Put your product where your mouth is
  • Help your target market experience what you created for them.
  • What greater vote of confidence can a brand give its products?


  • Match with a Retailer and save 90% of your time.
  • You no longer have to ask "how many people can you sample to in my target market?"
  • Stop wondering if potential partners can deliver on your campaign goals — we'll let you know.


  • Launching a new product and looking to create awareness?
  • Interested in capturing insights from your target market?
  • All about direct responses?
  • Product sampling builds affinity, and converts consumers into lifetime customers.

Retailers create valuable experiences


Enhance your Customers' Experience

Surprise & delight your customers or event attendees.

Generate Meaningful Revenue

Utilize excess distribution volume or event opportunity.

Gather Feedback

Make your customer relationship even more valuable to brands by collecting customer feedback.

Get Started Easily, with Low Risk

We coordinate SKU inventory management & fulfillment to your business.

Which Retailers Can Benefit?


eCommerce Retail

Surprise and delight your customers with added bonus items, tailored for them! Easily receive and drop them into deliveries as part of your existing fulfillment process.



Add relevant items to your curated packages. Help your subscribers to have the best experience possible!

How it Works for Retailers


Profile Your Audience

Demographic information and/or persona.

Tell about your customers. We match your reach to brands that are contextually relevant to your audience.



What value can you offer to a brand, beyond product sample distribution?

Some retailers can capture consumer insights from their audience; while others, such as retailers, can drive direct responses for brand campaigns.


Product Approval

You get final approval over products you distribute.

We are committed to creating relevant experiences for consumers. Your input about your audience's likes and tastes is key.


Seamless Fulfillment

Efficient, streamlined product delivery conforms to your distribution process.

Our platform and Campaign Managers ensure logistics and SKU inventory management is taken care of from start to finish!


Get Paid!

You could make money from every sample you distribute to your audience.

Beyond providing delightful and fun added benefits for their customers, some retailers earn fees from brands depending on their audience and capabilities.

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