Another estimate puts digital ad fraud at $18.5b annually!

While some experts have estimated digital ad waste to account for about $7.2b annually, another expert opinion puts that number higher. MUCH higher.

Fully ⅓ of ad spending may be wasted on fraudulent and misleading click and impression schemes. That’s $18.5 BILLION of waste!1

For most web marketers, this leaves a small, unattractive set of options:

  1. Keep wasting budget on ads that are essentially stealing money from them,
  2. Continue targeting the wrong audience in hopes that the low campaign cost will magically result in ROI,
  3. …Or pay a LOT for every conversion in a well-targeted campaign.

Either way, campaign ROI continues to fall as the CPC continues to skyrocket. This leaves out all but the most high-value products and services to find any satisfactory customer growth through digital ad spending.

What is that they say about continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result?