How Awareness Affects Purchase Decisions

Are you aware of everything that influences your buying decisions? Need? Timing? Relevance? Trust?

Understanding the psychology of consumers is so important to marketing. The key points of awareness and influence in consumer purchase decisions can be showcased through a “Moments that Matter” model.

This model consists of three key factors: consumers (what they want, what need state really matters), shoppers (how they shop, the points of influence that affect awareness and purchase), customers (the retail channels that they seek insight or purchase from).1

In particular, when focusing on the moments relating to shoppers, we observe a barbell effect in the decision process, constituting about 80% of purchase decisions. 53% of purchases are decided at home, before going to the store; 29% of them are influenced at the aisle or section where the product is located. Only 18% of purchase decisions are made between home and the exact aisle where the product is located. This is significant. In order to efficiently influence consumer purchase decisions, marketers must transform their experience and strategies to effectively target consumers at home or near the actual product.


We know that product sampling is the best way to drive product conversion and sales. We also know now that the best place to influence consumer purchase decisions is at home. Therefore the most valuable and effective way to drive and influence direct conversion would be to sample products at the home of the consumer.

This is where the Arteria excels. We help brands to influence target customers at home with product samples most relevant to them. And this puts brands in the hands of a customer at the time and place where they are most likely to make their next purchase decision.