How to know each customer and prospect individually

Marketing is slowly but surely shifting away from the “spray and pray” era of digital ads. There is a clear focus now on quality over quantity, and for good reason.

Digital ad waste is estimated between $7.2 billion to $18.5 billion annually. However, this shift won’t be fully optimized without a trusted framework to provide meaningful insights on target consumers. This foundation is being described as Account Based Intelligence (ABI), a metric that allows for live quality insights, correct prospect targeting, and engagement strategy.1

Until recently, this goal of 1:1 marketing has just been a dream. There were technological and social limitations on the ability to curate the massive amounts of data required to truly understand an individual consumer’s needs on a personal level, and for an identified target group. Industry focus has historically been on workflow automation: how to make the process of volume marketing more efficient.

Very recently, we have seen the emergence of data platforms, such as Node, that act as a digital analyst of sorts. With technology allowing for high performance, high capacity, targeted computing, platforms have been built that actively look to collect appropriate Account Based Intelligence. The platforms allow marketers to do things such as:

  1. Discover the right target company and contact to reach,
  2. Identify consumer purchase moment,
  3. and inform salespeople of impactful pitching strategy.

ABI can even supplement other marketing based strategies. Here at Arteria, ABI enhancements in development augment our existing consumer intelligence capabilities, allowing brands to more effectively influence consumer decisions.

Imagine receiving a product sample of shampoo exactly when you’re about to run out…

Now that’s effective targeting.